Stock Car Fronts

Sonic Stock Car FrontsDoes your car sound like a gutter ball at the bowling alley? Does it roll over easily? Stop the tilt and noise and go faster! Sonic’s “Hard Ones” front tires will “Pump Up” your 4 1/2″ stock car without the disadvantage of vinyl (noise, weight and bounce). “Hard Ones” are lighter than vinyl and the ultra hard sponge rubber will reduce tilt in the corners and increase straight line speed over the standard soft rubber front 4 1/2″ stock car tires. Sizes are .400 x 13/16″ and are available for 3/32″ or 1/8″ axles.

#160-1 1/8″ ID “Hard Ones” 13/16″ stock car front tires $4.99 / pair

#160-2 3/32″ ID “Hard Ones” 13/16″ stock car front tires $4.99 / pair

Drag Racing Tires

Sonic Drag Racing Tires#150-2 1.030 x 3/32″ Mega-Grip Drag Tire
Natural Rubber mounted on Slotted Mag Rims
$15.75 / pair