We are pleased to offer you the best slot racing tools on the market. Sonic’s Double ended pro-wrench is the perfect first tool for the beginning Flexi, Edge or Womp owner. Why?  Because with one tool you can adjust both the motor and re-tighten the gear. The first special tool you’ll need is the Sonic Fiddlestick to check the motor spring tension.

The Fiddlestick

Sonic Fiddlestick

One of the most important areas of race preparation is checking your brush spring tension. We’ve found that all brush springs vary in strength, even from the same batch, and a major source of armature failure is weak or uneven brush springs. The Fiddlestick will help prevent these disasters.

A Fiddlestick will improve your results and help protect your motors. It’s made from anodized aluminum so it’s tough enough to take the abuse it will get in your pit box, and then we laser mark it with crisp, clear numbering for easy reading.

A Fiddlestick is very easy to use, just put the plunger notch against the end of the spring you want to check and push until you just lift the spring off the stop, (in an assembled brush/spring setup) and then take a reading on the Fiddlestick scale.

If the reading is what you want-fine you’re set. If not, bend the spring and recheck. Repeat as necessary until you get the desired reading. (TIP: Once you find what spring tension works on your setup make up some extra sets at the same Fiddlestick reading and keep them in your slot spares box in case you need to rebuild a motor at the track.)

#50-1 The Fiddlestick $17.50 / ea. *DISCONTINUED – LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

Drill Blank Wrenches

Sonic Double Ended Wrench

Have you ever tried to fix your car while a small oily wrench slips in your braid-juice-soaked hands? That’s why Sonic Pro-Wrenches are made bigger and easier to grip for faster pit work. We designed our wrenches with larger diameter (5/8″) hex stock and we also designed in a longer handle so your hand fits onto it completely for more precise control.

After machining, we finish your Sonic Pro-Wrench with high quality anodizing and laser marking. We then assemble your Sonic Pro-Wrench with the finest drill blank tips available. Our Double Ended Pro-Wrench has both a .050″ and a .078″ tip installed.

The .050 tip has a reduced shank diameter so it can be used with Euro-style wheels with ease.

#51-5078 Double Ended Wrench $17.50 / ea.

Pro-Wrench Tip Replacements

These tips are the best money can buy, and that’s why we use them in our Pro-Wrenches. They also will fit all other wrench handles with a 3/32″ hole in the end.

The .050 tip has a reduced shank diameter so it can be used with Euro-style wheels with ease.

#51-50tr  .050″ replacement tip for 51-5078 – 6 / card $6.75 / ea.